Waterproofing Kit, 5kg & 20kg (Tub with Powder & Liquid)

by Perth Home Renovator


Save time, save money.

This kit is comprised of a tub with two separate internal polymers that you mix with water.  

It creates a (water-based, non toxic) waterproof polymer render that you can use in your bathrooms and all wet areas.  This product is designed to use in wet areas in tandem with our waterproofing membrane fabric, that you buy by the roll.

But best of all, you can trowel directly to external walls in place of sand renders.  You will get a better, flexible, waterproof render coat, ready for painting.

The waterproofing kit comes in 5 litre pales but if you'd like to save even more, select our 20 litre tub. 

5kg tub is 225mm diameter x 210mm height.  20kg tub is 300mm diameter and 375mm height.

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