Waterproof Membrane, 10m roll 160mm width

by Perth Home Renovator


This is a premium waterproofing membrane that we use on our own projects.

There's no second chances when it comes to waterproofing so buy the best quality products and do the job properly.  You will be sorry if you don't .... and this is very cheap insurance.

Our waterproofing membrane is designed to work in tandem with our waterproofing kit, water-based liquid that is painted liberally onto wet area surfaces.

Paint on a coat of waterproofing liquid and while still wet, fit the membrane around penetrations and all corners in your shower recess.  Once this is set, apply another coat of the waterproofing liquid above the membrane.

Color: white
Size: 160mm width on 10 metre roll
Thickness: 0.7mm
Weight: 400g/㎡

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