Watermark Waste & Plug

by Perth Home Renovator


Premium push-down pop-up plug and drain for all our basin products.

Size is 65mm x 65mm x 95mm and weight is 0.26kg plus packaging.

This plug and waste unit is both CE and Watermark certified. 

If you are asking what the WaterMark certification is all about, here's a very short introduction.

Very simply, Watermark certification is Australia's approval process for the certification of plumbing and drainage products. It's as simple as that.  

The idea behind Watermark certification is to provide a safeguard to protect Australians from health and safety risks that might be associated with plumbing products and fixtures sold and installed in Australia.

Only after the WaterMark process is completed in full is the product entitled to be legally installed in Australia. Part of that legal requirement is that WaterMark products be installed by a licensed plumber. 

So the bottom line is .... To be legal you need a watermark product installed by a registered plumber.

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