Wall Exhaust Fan, Ventilator and Heater

by Perth Home Renovator


An old builder once told me, never put pipework through your roof, always vent it through the walls, and you will have far fewer issues with leaks and water, both now and years into the future.

It is great advice I've always followed and it's why we've sourced this outstanding, high quality 2-way wall exhaust fan and ventilator.

The wall exhaust fan is powerful, quiet, uses a ceramic heat exchanger and does double duty because it also reverses and allows you to bring fresh outside filtered air into your home, at just the flick of a button.  

It uses a high efficiency three layer filtration system with the filters designed to purify the incoming air. The ceramic heat exchanger will heat up or cool down incoming air, with the two filters and the ceramic core located inside the inner duct.  

The fan consists of a telescopic air duct with adjustable length regulated by the position of the inner air duct inside, and the outer air duct outside.

We think this combination exhaust fan, air cooler/ventilator, air purifier and heater is unique in Australia .... and of course we've sourced these initially for our own use .... direct from the factory.

Size is 440 x 300 x 310 and warranty is 1 year.

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