Smart Apple HealthKit Bathroom Scale in Black or White

by Perth Home Renovator


Direct export to Apple HealthKit on your iPhone or iPad (plus FitBit and Google Fit), from these "high tech" great looking patented bathroom scales.

The scale has curved corners and a big, clear white LED which is invisible when not in use.

Ships with its own App if you want extra options like body fat, bone mass, fat-free body weight, obesity level, body water, visceral fat, protein, body type, muscle mass, subcutaneous fat rate, BMI and BMR.

After the body fat scale is used it will sync with Apple's HealthKit (or FitBit or Google Fit) and can store up to 100 groups of data.

Available in black with limited numbers of white remaining.

Specification summary:
Supports wifi and low power Bluetooth 4.2IC
Accuracy of heart rate is within 2% of that of professional equipment
Data comparison with Polar H10 heart rate band: +-5BPM:≧85%, +-10BPM:≧90%
Accuracy (weight):
5-50Kg ±0.1Kg
50-100Kg ±0.2Kg
100-150Kg ±0.3Kg
150-182.5Kg ±0.5Kg
Warranty: 1 year

Download the User Guide here.

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