Premium Pyrolytic Oven (13 Functions)

by Perth Home Renovator


Probably the fullest featured oven available in Australia.

It has the latest 100% white TFT electronic controls and has 13 functions as standard - there's no optional extras - everything you want and need is included (down to the enamel baking tray), so don't pay thousands more.

This model is full black glass and black stainless steel .... and again it's the oven we sought out for our next home.  Since selecting this oven, we've found nothing comes close to matching it in features or performance - sometimes at several times this price.

75 litre capacity
13 functions
Pyrolytic function
Seamless ceramic cavity
Forced cooling system
4 layer full glass door - cool to touch
Easy removable inner door glass
Child safety lock
White LED full touch control panel, 96mm height
Seamless ceramic cavity with 2 separate internal lights
Clip on shelves
Telescopic rails
Enamel baking tray (24mm depth)included
A+ Energy rating, 2900w max power, 30-250℃
Dimensions 595mm x 595mm x 565mm

Warranty: 1 year

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