5A 100w Dual USB-C Charging Cable

by Perth Home Renovator


Our unique design, premium 5A 100w USB-C to USB-3.1 Gen2 charging or data cable is suitable for all high capacity and fast chargers.

Suits latest iPad Pro's, MacBook, MacBook Air, Android devices and PC laptops.

By embedding the circuit design on a flexible thin plastic sheet, a large number of precision components are stacked in a narrow and limited space to form a flexible circuit. This means the cable can be bent or even folded, it's lightweight, small in size, has great heat dissipation, and is definitely different.

We've opted for a cable that is quite unique and this high capacity little beastie is a convenient 150mm in length .... and its stubbie and flexible design packs a whopping 20v 5A fast charge, featuring a certified E-marker chip delivering up to 100w of power .... safely.

Super speed means 10Gbps data transfer and 4K 60Hz video signal transmission.

Specification summary:
USB-C to USB-C cable(100W 5A)
Cable Length: 150mm x 4.8mm
Material: TPE and aluminum alloy shell
Output: 20V/5A/100W
Data Speed: 10Gbps Max
E-Marker: PD100W quality chipset
Support:Data & charge, Audio & video 4K60Hz
Color: Black
Weight: 20g

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