International Power Head Pack for AC Charger Range

by Perth Home Renovator


Our AC chargers from 20w through to 100w output all use the same interchangeable power heads so you can use your charger not just in Australia but anywhere using US/Japan, EU, UK/Singapore power outlets.

The great news is you can buy any charger, select this internal plug pack and then buy another charger later knowing this international travel pack will fit your newest charger.

This international power head pack fits our -
20w dual USBC & USB-A AC charger
30w USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 AC GaN charger
65w USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 AC GaN charger
65w 2 x USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 & 1 x USB-A GaN charger
100w 2 x USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 & 2 x USB-A GaN charger

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