Portable Induction Cooktop

by Perth Home Renovator

$125.00 $199.00

Our great new portable induction cooktop - ideal for caravans, granny flats and travelling or just as an outdoor BBQ extender.

This is a great product with so many uses.

We've just converted a separate family room into a self contained living, dining and kitchen area. Rather than install a full fixed hotplate that takes up space, we've simply put a portable induction hotplate in the cupboard next to the kitchenette sink.

Like the bigger, kitchen induction cooktops, this portable induction unit offers the same benefits of quick and efficient heating, with the safety of no flames or hot cooktop areas.

Remember, if a magnet sticks to your cooking pot, it is suitable to use on any induction cooktop.

Oh, and did you notice the price?

Vitroceramic Portable Induction Cooktop Feature Summary:
Power Source: Electric
Housing Material: Plastic
Power: 2200w
Material: Glass and stainless steel
Plate size: 280 x 365mm
Body size: 280 x 365 x 65mm
Function: time, kWH, hot pot, stir fry, soup, stew, milk, Power
Warranty: 12 months

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