HEPA Air Purifier

by Perth Home Renovator

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You will be amazed just how many small particles are floating around in the air insides our homes.

We installed an Eve air tester as part of our HomeKit system and was shocked as to how much small particulates were in the air in rooms serviced by the evaporative air conditioner. As we live opposite a port, I was concerned at what we might be breathing in ... so I installed several of these air purifier units around the house.

They worked amazingly well and the HEPA filter captures pieces floating in the air as small as 0.03 micro millimetres.

The air purifier is constantly testing your air quality and ramps up to remove particulates as it senses their presence.

We also carry replacement HEPA filters but under normal suburban conditions the original filter will last a very long time.

You will notice, our factory direct buying regime saves you heaps over the store models, and especially those very expensive replacement HEPA filters. With our air purifier ... you save not only "up front" but for years into the future.

This air purifier includes TVOC odour sensor detection, indoor temperature display, electronic numerical display with touch controls including a wireless remote control.

It has its own composite HEPA filter, 3 speed fan and has an intelligent automatic mode feature plus a sleep ultra-quiet mode. There's also a long 8 hours timer shutdown.

Our HEPA Air Purifier is white and measures 475mm height x 330mm width x 220mm depth. Packed weight is 5.5kg and the carton size is 650mm x 239mm x 378mm

Warranty is 1 year.

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