Apple Watch USB Charger

by Perth Home Renovator


Charge your watch wherever you have access to a USB port.

This Apple Watch charger is especially useful whilst travelling but we also use them around the home and office.

This charger follows all Apple specifications and is available in white.

Specification summary:
Standard: ST 4P6 semiconductor Qi Standard
Input: DC-5V ± 0.4V 1.0A-2.0A
Output: DC-5V ± 0.4V 0.4V 0.3A-0.5A1.0A
Charging frequency: 100Hz-1800Hz
Charging distance: 10mm
Charging efficiency: above 73%
Compatibility: Apple Watch Series 1 to upcoming Series 6
Size: 82 x 38 x 10mm
Certification: CE FCC ROHS
Warranty: 1 year

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