Clancy White (Architect - Perth)

by Perth Home Renovator


If you are planning to build a double-storey or significant single storey home - especially if you are keen on incorporating sustainable practices and technologies within your build and get a great price for architectural advice and design .... then we recommend you spend an hour with with architect Clancy White, Principal of Whitehaus Architects in Northbridge.

We have worked with Clancy and his team for several years .... and often select Clancy as our architect partner.

Clancy is a great listener and is able to bring your ideas to fruition and is especially conscious of ensuring maximum cost savings are incorporated within your design.

If you are yearning to incorporate your own ideas but get practical design advice that will save you money - and don't know how to turn your ideas into reality and understand how much your great ideas will cost - speak with Clancy.  

Are you also yearning to incorporate sustainable design into your project, select a $225 (inc tax) consultation and meet with Clancy shortly thereafter.  Clancy and his team have become well known for their knowledge and commitment in sustainable design projects.

Cost to you is $225 and we fully guarantee your investment - if for any reason you are not happy, request a refund and we will return your money immediately.

If you would like to proceed simply buy the service here and we will give you a voucher for your time with Clancy, and make your appointment at a time that suits.

Easy? YES  Risk Free?  YES  Buy now?  YES/NO - make it a "yes".


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