Aluminium Waterproof Tape

by Perth Home Renovator


Flexible super high-strength sealing tape. 

Available in 50mm and 150mm widths, these 5 metre rolls faced with aluminium, are ideal for taping over cracks in your concrete floor or masonry clockwork. The waterproof tape can even be used to improve waterproofing in wet areas.  

Tape over cracks in your pipework, plant and equipment and wherever you need a super-sticky, waterproof, high tensile strength repair .... that just won't let go.

We use this tape to cover any crack in our concrete floors, to repair loads of different items and around penetrations and joins in addition to our waterproofing liquid, in wet areas under both floor and wall tiles.

This is a super-premium product with rubber butyl mastic and a woven aluminium surface.

Choose 5 metre rolls in 50mm and 150mm.

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