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Imagine if you could go to a store and always get great, honest and reliable recommendations .... and the store owner said we use every single product we sell .... ourselves.

This is what ISWG does - we provide advice on the latest smart technologies including Apple HomeKit, Apple HealthKit and Onvis HomeKit plus the best iOS, Mac and Android chargers and cables .... all together and ONLY tried and tested solutions that we back and support.

Remember, every single product we sell, we use ourselves.

We select our products based on their quality and performance.  Typically we start with interviewing hundreds of suppliers for each item we sell.  We narrow down a list and eventually select 3-5 suppliers to provide us product.  We then select the best, but only if we are absolutely happy to use this product ourselves and proud to promote to you.

Our sister store HomeKit Australia sources all products direct from the factory and makes them available to the ISWG store at the factory price, so that we can pass on the best discounts to you. With our association with HomeKit Australia we can offer their exclusive Onvis HomeKit range that includes the bargain Apple HomeKit secure video camera.

We will continue to expand the range but only on the basis we've described.  Always our policy is to purchase factory direct so we can pass on the best prices on what we hope is the highest quality product.

HomeKit Australia has a sole and exclusive reseller arrangement with Onvis Technology for their range of great HomeKit products and we will shortly be ready announce more of these exclusive supply arrangements.

.... and always remember, at ISW Quality is not an occasional concern but a relentless dedication.

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