he entire Perth Owner Builder online store came about from founder Keith Palmer's long history in construction and construction design management.

Often we are dismayed by the massive profit margins we know are charged by the glitzy retail construction and appliance stores.

We then picked only the very best and unique of the products we selected and set up a designer art series collection. One of these products is the best Australian toilet suite we consider to be the best available in Australia.

The Perth home renovator online store at iswg.com.au is currently almost fully stocked.

The Perth home renovator store was initiated to cater for the rather outlandish prices being asked by Perth building supply stores of home renovators in Perth.

ISWG Perth renovator store includes selected premium products for the kitchen, bathroom, design and other building materials.

In Australia, quality induction cooktops typically cost thousands of dollars. Because we buy factory direct and don't apply massive mark-ups, we can supply 900mm induction cooktops with RCM (SAA) Australian certification for just $499. Even...

To successfully applying waterproofing membranes in Perth new homes, begin with a clean, dust-free surface.

Dust and rubble should be swept up and vacuumed. Next damp wipe or mop the surface to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible. A clean surface will allow your waterproofing treatment to adhere to the surface and create an effective waterproof barrier.

Make sure you check the waterproofing product data sheet to ensure optimal installation and coverage.

In Australia it is difficult to source any white induction cooktops.

This is especially true for white induction cooktops that are a full sized 900mm.

ISWG's white induction cooktop, not only is in stock and ready to ship, but it is available at only $499. Keep your money in your pocket at ISWG Australia online store.

If you are browsing through the ISWG online store and are wondering what the WaterMark certification and logo mean, here's a some brief background information for you.

Perhaps you've been checking out ISWG's latest bathroom products.

Very simply, the Watermark certification is Australia's approval process for the certification of plumbing and drainage products.

you need the best hair brush you will ever own, there's no need to pay $50 to $100.

We have an exact copy of the Abody detangle hair brush in stock, for just $15.

The detangle hair brush is available in black, red or white.

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