Writing Winning Proposals

We've had several feedback pieces after publishing a sample proposal letter for submitting proposals to government.

We thought we would follow up with this.

You can create an effective proposal by ensuring you follow these essential items.

First and absolutely central to any successful proposal, is to ensure your proposal is totally centered on your client ... not you.

Next, your proposal should be persuasively structured and organized. It should be decision oriented and value based and of real importance ....clearly written and designed.

If you fail to focus on what your customer cares about, you are in trouble. You understand this by having good and regular business development.

You should avoid failing to fully understanding the client's request or qualifying the opportunity.

Another strike is not structuring the document persuasively or in a manner the client expects to see presented. It is essential that you make your proposal easy to understand and use.

You must also differentiate your offer and your company from the other proposals that will be received. And if you are unable to offer a compelling value proposition there's little chance of success with your proposal.

I've seen some crackers where the proposing company fails to proof read, edit, and remove credibility killers. I saw one major government proposal have the wrong city name on the front cover and throughout the document. Not surprisingly, this proposal was thrown out by the selection committee.

Not all proposals need this amount of diligence and planning but if you are looking at a major project you should start here and perhaps chat to Infrastructure South West.
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