Watermark Bathroom Kitchen Laundry Products

If you are browsing through the ISWG online store and are wondering what the WaterMark certification and logo mean, here's a some brief background information for you.

Perhaps you've been checking out ISWG's latest bathroom products.

Very simply, the Watermark certification is Australia's approval process for the certification of plumbing and drainage products.

The Watermark certification aims to provide a safety net to protect Australians from health and safety risks that might be associated with plumbing products and fixtures sold or installed within Australia.

The plumbing product is only entitled to be legally installed in Australia after the WaterMark process is completed in full.

Part of that legal requirement in Australia is that WaterMark products be installed by a licensed plumber. Plumbing products not installed by a licensed plumber, simply are not legal in Australia.

You will notice all plumbing products at the ISWG online store are Australian Watermark approved and certified.

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