Smart Homes and Technology

At ISWG we are aligned with HomeKit Australia which gives us access to a range of smart home and technology products.

The range includes Apple HomeKit smart home products such as our super popular HomeKit smart power plug and 99c iPhone 12 cases, dual outlet car chargers, Apple HealthKit weight scales, the very latest Gallium Nitride AC wall chargers, premium phone and charging cables and products like our HomeKit security camera.

There's many more products on the HomeKit Australia website so why not take a peek there soon.

HomeKit Australia is soon to return the favour and will begin to carry a range of products from the ISWG's Healthy Living range.

In the meantime, please enjoy our range of smart home and technology products. They've been chosen for quality and then we negotiate the best purchase price.

You can be assured of quality products, mostly all in stock, and a great price available for you to buy.

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