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You can buy pure, undiluted Sandalwood Oil from the ISWG online store.

Our pure 100% Sandalwood Oil is distilled from a fragrant wood with sandalwood oil found in high-end perfumes cosmetics, soaps, essential oils, massage oils and aromatherapy.

Due to its limited supply, Sandalwood Oil is usually unique and expensive. It is typically harvested in India, Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia.

Making supply even tighter, to produce commercially valuable sandalwood oils, with high levels of fragrance, the trees need to be at least 40 years of age, with most over 80 years. Often the harvesting of trees is tightly controlled.

Our Sandalwood Oil is from Indonesia with a very strong and pure fragrance.

Just one or two drops of this concentrated sandalwood oil is all that is required for your diffuser or aromatherapy setup.

Sandalwood oil from ISWG is 100% pure and not watered down in any shape or form.

Sandalwood oil trades at around $5,000 per kilogram and more so these bottles of pure oil represent superb value.

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