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The entire Perth Owner Builder online store came about from founder Keith Palmer's long history in construction and construction design management.

Often we are dismayed by the massive profit margins we know are charged by the glitzy retail construction and appliance stores.

So ISWG decided to do something about it.

We next embarked on as policy of selecting only the very best products we will choose for our own new home.

Then we went direct to the factory door to negotiate a direct purchase agreement that bypasses distributors, middlemen and expensive retail outlets that add to the price that Perth owner builders and home renovators pay for their home building products.

We then picked only the very best and unique of the products we selected and set up a designer art series collection. One of these products is the best Australian toilet suite we consider to be the best available in Australia.

This Australian best toilet set features a wide, rimless design with triple glazing including a nano glaze top coat.

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