Percussion Massager

Our super popular percussion massage gun is back in stock early next week.

You've seen percussion massage guns in the shops and online at $100, $200 and even over $300 .... but not at ISWG Online Store with our factory direct purchasing policy.

Buy a quality massager gun at ISWG Online for just $79 - available in black, blue, red and silver.  You can choose the colour that you prefer .... or why not buy two?

This powerful massage guns provides a high frequency, deep tissue massage with a single button operation, so it is easy to use. It features a high performance brushless motor and typically its battery will provide 2-3 hours of use, before requiring a fast recharge.

Each massage gun ships with a range of massage heads, just like the ones you see in the shops at much higher prices.

Our ISWG percussion massager measures 230mm x 222mm x 650mm and weighs just over 1kg.  You receive a full 1 year warranty and the percussion massage gun can ship to you same day (from early next week).

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