New container arriving

ISWG has a new container of stock due shortly.

That means that many items that are currently out of stock will be ready for ordering and delivery.

This includes items like store favourites, our portable induction cooktop and under-counter refrigerator will both be in stock.

Remember, all our items are selected for the ISWG online store.

That means that we just don't just list a bevy of items but select the best combination of quality and price to make available to Perth home renovators and Perth owner builders.

Our promise is that at ISWG, Quality is not just an occasional concern but a relentless dedication.

We mean this and each and every product undergoes a rigorous selection procedure culminating in us only offering what we consider as outstanding products, often at prices way below their normal retail.

A factory direct buying policy means you don't just save big, you can save thousands.

New container arriving | Perth Home Renovator

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