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ISWG has launched a number of premium kitchen and bathroom tap mixers at pricing you'd expect to see for plastic taps in the big stores.

Generally our taps are premium stainless steel and as you'd expect, they've sold in droves.

Our premium mixer taps started by selecting our gorgeous kitchen mixer for our own new home.

This mixer features full stainless steel construction, ceramic cartridge and pull-out sprayer. It has a soft close operation and in a brushed finish is as the name implies, simply a gorgeous kitchen mixer.

There's a number of mixer options you can select from. Almost all are premium models at bargain prices but we do have an entry level kitchen flexi mixer for those on a very strict budget.

We are always happy to chat about your preferences and requirements not only for bathroom and kitchen mixers, but all the products we sell.

Happy to chat soon - Keith Palmer.

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