Induction Cooktop Australia $499

In Australia, quality induction cooktops typically cost thousands of dollars.

Because we buy factory direct and don't apply massive mark-ups, we can supply 900mm induction cooktops with RCM (SAA) Australian certification for just $499.

Even better, you can choose these top quality induction cooktops in either black or white - you choose.

Almost nobody except ISWG Online Store supplies induction cooktops in Australia in white ... we do, and they are in stock, ready to ship right now.

As an indication of the quality of these induction cooktops, they feature IGBT switching gear from Infineon in Germany, Japanese glass and up to 2000w heating.  You will find these specifications only on models that cost $2000 or more.

Our 900mm induction cooktops include dry and boilover shutoff, booster, timer and lock controls, so they are just as safe as those $2000 induction cooktops you see in the shops.

We originally searched for a white induction cooktop for our own new home and simply couldn't find one except a really budget 600mm model that seemed to be always out of stock. Our searching ended up with us stocking these great induction cooktops, and as normal, passing on the massive savings to you.

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