Have you noticed the price of towel rails?

How often have you wondered why bathroom towel rails are so expensive?

We wondered the same .... and decided to something about it.

We've seen all sorts of quality but even the cheaper construction and material towel rails always amazed us by their high prices in Australia.

So, like normal, we began our search for affordable towel rails featuring not just just quality construction but to be made from long-lasting stainless steel.  In other words, we wanted the towel rails for our own upcoming home that sell in the shops for hundreds of dollars, but at a fraction of their price.

So the long story short is that we now carry both single towel rails and multi-rail stainless steel towel rails at the ISWG online store.

We have both the single and multi-rail towel rails in stock and these can ship to you today.

Thanks for supporting the ISWG online store.

Have you noticed the price of towel rails? | Perth Home Renovator

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