First MagSafe Charger in Australia

The first MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 to ship in Australia isn't from Apple but from the specialist Apple website HomeKit Australia and its sister website

The MagSafe charger is fully compatible with the new iPhone 12 and simply attaches to the iPhone by the embedded magnets in both devices.

The HomeKit Australia charger will charge an iPhone 12 at a full 15w, double the maximum charge possible from other wireless chargers.

Whilst Apple's MagSafe charger does not ship in Australia until mid-November the HomeKit Australia charger begins shipping late October and at a saving over the Apple charger of 25%.

According to HomeKit Australia founder Keith Palmer the charger is essentially identical to Apple's MagSafe charger in every respect.

"Our whole philosophy is to make available quality Apple-compatible products at typically below wholesale prices", Palmer said.

"We purchase direct out of the factory and make our products available directly to the Apple user."

MagSafe chargers employ magnets that align with the embedded magnets in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to ensure the 15w charge.  This is achieved by creating a perfect circuit each and every charge.

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HomeKit Australia is dedicated to supplying quality product and services to the Apple market. With a "factory direct" procurement policy, HomeKit Australia aims to supply Apple market products at below wholesale pricing. All product has full Australian certification and approvals but there's no middleman or distribution to inflate prices.

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