Designer "Art Series" Collection Monthly Super Special

As special bonus, as we launch our designer "art series" collection, we will each and every month select one product from the "art series" collection and create a month-only super special.

Let's kick off 2021 by making our opening super special ... our premium toilet suite with a 20% January 2021 only discount.

So to further highlight our designer "art series" collection, we are taking one product from the collection each month and adding extra discount for all orders.

To kick off 2021, in January the designer "art series" collection super special is our super-premium rimless toilet suite.

We consider this premium toilet suite to be the best suite available in Australia. You might find it with a brand name attached and selling for $2000 elsewhere.

We love great design.

When we choose items for our own home construction we are always attracted to quality fittings that have solid, robust construction and are made of high quality materials.  This hopefully ensures maintenance free operation.

After selecting the premium products we are including in our own home, we thought we'd add these same products to the ISWG online store.

And then from the best of the best products we had already selected in the ISWG online store, we realised there was a select group that possessed either a whimsical or special zen design beauty.  

We've decided to share these absolute premium design products with you .... and created the designer "art series" collection.

One of the big advantages is that these designer "art series" products are almost unique .... so if you want something just a bit (or in some cases a lot) different, please take a browse through the designer "art series" collection right now.

I think you will like them too.

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