Bunbury foreshore upgrade

People often ask what goes into writing a winning submission for major state and local government projects.

The simple answer is hours.

However, most importantly you need to consider what the client wants, not what you - the supplier - wants.

With this in mind, take a look at a winning covering letter that can be attached to a winning major government project.

Koombana Bay Foreshore Detailed Design (Civil and Landscape works) – Koombana Drive

David, local people have a vision for creating a unique and world-class entrance and facility for the city of Bunbury.  A world-class seaside precinct will also assist and promote investment and the further economic development of the city of Bunbury.

Working alongside the City of Bunbury and the Project Control Group, Cardno will ensure the Koombana foreshore design will be in harmony with its history and environment, and be a beacon for innovation and technology that attracts both locals and visitors alike. 

This will enable the ultimate in public infrastructure success – people proudly returning and utilising all that this foreshore precinct has to offer …. time and time again.

Our first-hand involvement in a number of projects in the Koombana Bay precinct, provides us the confidence that this project will create a lasting and ever evolving legacy – a “game changer” for Bunbury, and this proposal sets out our vision for detailed design of this project; including an Appendix item – Critical Design Considerations, where we outline some of the crucial individual elements of the design for which the City of Bunbury seeks specific outcomes.

Central to our final design, will be the inclusion of sustainable materials, structures and construction methods, that ensure Whole of Life cost benefits are at the forefront of our design.  Our commitment is to ensuring that this precinct operates at the lowest cost, with minimum maintenance costs, creating the opportunity of integration into the City’s SCADA network, and affording energy-saving apparatus across the precinct.

This project is viewed as being comprised of these key interwoven elements –

  • Civil and infrastructure design solutions
  • Landscape Design
  • Structures
  • Whole of Life efficiencies incorporating sustainable design principles
  • Lighting and energy efficiencies
  • Coastal engineering and environmental solutions integrated within the design fabric
  • Transition from design to construction completion

Cardno has both the resource and capacity to supply each of these key elements in-house from its own multi-disciplinary resources, and this proposal outlines Cardno’s capacity and resources to not only provide design but also project manage the delivery of all elements (if required) as described in the Request for Tender.

Senior Cardno personnel have been nominated to the roles of Client Representative and Project Manager.  Our Client Representative lives on Koombana Bay and will be ultimately responsible and accountable for the successful, on-time delivery of all aspects of this project.  He will be available on an “at-call” and ongoing basisand to assist the City of Bunbury, wherever appropriate, including high-level consultations and negotiations.

The Project Manager will work alongside the Client Representative and provides hands-on service delivery.  The Project Manager role requires both the experience and capability to successfully embrace major foreshore infrastructure projects and the many and varied tasks involved, including negotiation with other government authorities. 

Cardno has this team available and in place, and substantially almost all our human resource for this project is “in-house” rather than a grouping of various consultants.  We are an ASX 200 company with full commercial Health and Safety systems and accreditations, including innovations such as our own CardnoZAP! mobile H&S reporting app.

Our shared vision combined with our local experience and presence ensure that we will extend and improve the existing concept incorporating new technologies and innovative, practical design to not just the overall existing plan but the incorporation of special features such as an iconic pedestrian bridge entry statement that affords an Artistic Lighting Canvas and the ideal of a sustainable, energy efficient lighting and power design.

But probably the most important gauge of Cardno and its team to produce something very special at the Koombana foreshore, is accountable feedback from clients on similar projects.  The following testimonial from the Town of Cottesloe Manager, Engineering Services where the Cardno team is presently designing a new and revitalised Cottesloe foreshore, is of particular relevance and importance.

Cardno will run the Koombana foreshore project from its own Bunbury office, ensuring full-time and immediate availability and access for both the City of Bunbury and Project Control Group. 

We’ve included MCG Architects on our team ensuring two-way communication between this project and the integrated Dolphin Discovery Centre. …. and we promise the City of Bunbury the results in timeframes and design quality, it desires, committing that all agreed design items will be delivered on or ahead of schedule enabling a rapid transition to tender and construction.

Cardno is ready and committed for an immediate start to this project, requiring no familiarisation phase. 

We are genuinely excited about this project and the contribution we can make, so we hope to chat further. 

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