Australia's best toilet?

With a German name printed on these toilets, they sell in the shops for over $2000.

Without the German brand name, we sell them for under $400 - that's over 80% off.

ISWG's premium toilet set features full flat back (no gaps between the toilet and wall) toilet with a rimless design (no cleaning under ridges) with the absolute premium triple glazing system that includes a a NANO GLAZE "self cleaning" top coat glaze.

We searched for the absolute highest quality (and wide) Watermark toilet set we could find ... and we are selling it for less than a quarter of the price you might see it sold elsewhere. It is this is the toilet set we searched for and chose for ourselves.

You can choose a deep, full seat cover or the trendy double thin seat and cover. 

At ISWG there's no middleman, distributor, retailer - we purchase direct from the factory and then it's straight to you .... absolutely brilliant product at a trust great price.

This premium toilet set measures 660mm x 370mm x 830mm and actual weight is 5.5kg (plus packaging).

This premium toilet suite is fully Australian Watermark certified, in stock and ready to ship out today.

Perth home renovators and Perth owner builders can choose free delivery or collect in Bunbury Western Australia.

Australia's best toilet? | Perth Home Renovator

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