20% Off Stainless Kitchen Mixer

As part of our ongoing monthly designer "art series" collection, 20% discounts, this month we've chopped 20% off our favourite kitchen mixer.

This is the same elegant, stainless steel kitchen mixer tap we chose for our own new home.

In brushed satin stainless steel, it looks super elegant and includes all the necessary fittings and hoses, ready for you to install.

This is our favourite kitchen mixer - and was the first tapware in our exclusive "Design by Cindy" range - part of our own kitchen.

Take advantage now of this "monthly special" to promote our designer "art series" collection best of the best products.

This 20% offer will run right through February. When you order, your kitchen mixer will ship out the same day.

20% Off Stainless Kitchen Mixer | Perth Home Renovator

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